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Guided by Emily Bentley // Mike Carpenter

 Photos by Mike Carpenter

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West and the Grooves took to the stage at Dans’ Silverleaf with a cool sort of confidence radiating that they were right where they belonged. The all-girl group band was a mixture of funk, jazz and the sort of music that captured the audience’s attention and kept them going. Their on-stage energy transmitted to the crowd and not a person in Dans’ was completely still. There were hips moving, hands waving, and new couples shyly holding hands as they were saturated in the music.

Denton is a quirky little town that prides itself on its stark individuality, art and music. As the summer night air blended with the chatter of Oaktopia goers, the ends of cigarettes being lit, and the last strands of West and the Grooves it was clear to see that West and the Grooves was home and Denton was happy to have them.

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Abbey Underground was packed from the front of the stage all the way back to where the pool tables sat. A rather frazzled door checker scrambled to handle the long line of people that extended all the way out of Abbey. This was to be expected, though. Black James Franco has a reputation in Denton and wherever they go, the crowds quickly follow. People were hurriedly buying drinks and trying to edge their way closer to the stage. Black James Franco’s performance lived up to their bravado. Their sweltering combination of indie, soul, and rock blended together in the most perfect combination and the crowd ate it up.


We did not have the pleasure of seeing Neon Indian but we’re told they would be rescheduling their set today. So, check the Oaktopia facebook page for updates on those details!


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