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Tell us a little bit about yourself

Louise Palmberg

My name is Louise Palmberg, and I am a Swedish photographer currently residing in New York City, where I am a student at the School of Visual Arts. I left the cold forests of Sweden two years ago to pursue an education in photography, which was potentially the most life-changing decision I have ever made.




Why do you make art?


Because I have to and because I want to. I think that is the key, to always make something that you love. It sounds a little worn out. Always be obsessed with what you make, otherwise it will be hard to keep it going.




Who/what are you inspired by? 


Sometimes I see or think of objects, things that can be completely regular and everyday stuff, that I immediately want to incorporate into an image, and then build a scene with it in my head. Currently I fascinated with everything pink, plastic and sparkly. I see it everywhere.

Regarding photographers, tumblr is my best friend. I check in with Jake Stangel, Noah Kalina, Thomas Prior and Ryan Pfluger almost every day. Elinor Carucci, Jürgen Teller, Larry Fink and Peter Hujar are other photographers whose work I find very appealing.




What (if anything) do you want your art to accomplish?


My art-making comes from a place that is concerned with visual pleasure. I want my work to be aesthetically pleasing, but I want it to be that way for my own sake. I’m the one that is going to have to live with this work for the rest of my life, better make it worthwhile.





What would you choose for your last meal?


Pancakes. Always choose pancakes.




Is there anything else you’d like to add?


Be the person who grabs the last piece of cake! It’s worth it!

Keep up with Palmberg’s work:

Website / Blog 


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