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There is a dimension outside of our bodies, where the soul travels to and unravels secrets in time and space. It is a dimension not of matter but of mind. It is a world of imagination where our fantasies can become realities and nothing is what we expected.



More common than most realize, the astral thread connects the body to the soul as it moves, like a silver-threaded bungee cord. An out-of-body experience is an unconscious act, whereas astral projection can be felt with effort, time, and deeply concentrated meditation. Lucid dreaming opens the doorway to the subconscious, so it eases the progression to the astral plane. Through astral projection, we can experience spiritual healing, access a past life regression, move through time as an observer, or even engage in astral sex, perhaps with astral entities. Some people have found answers to specific questions that trouble their hearts and minds.



Meet Jason*: the good natured Jack-of-all-trades, master of plenty, who loves his Denton community. He is the strong, caring and kind Christian boy-next-door that every parent would want as their son or son-in-law. His first out-of-body-experience occurred when he was very young. “I was five or six years old and I got out of bed. I remember feeling weird. It was like everything was glowing, like I was glowing, and gave off this strange light. It was really dark, it was at night, and so I stepped as if I was going to take a step down the stairs, but I stepped off. I just floated down the steps and went straight through the wall. I had this free fall feeling, but it was lighter, it wasn’t as scary, but I just came down and landed.” As he grew older, he had more experiences and his faith strengthened through the projection of his spirit, especially when he needed comfort and understanding.



Photographer: Eric Sonson.
Model: Samantha Tess

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