Yoav Friedlander Hopes their photography will help relinquish the perception of our divides.


“My Grandfather Kurt (Arie) Friedländer fled Austria to Israel immediately after the Kristallnacht, served in the British Brigades during WWII and later in the Israeli Army. After High School, I’ve joined the Israeli army myself for a mandatory service as a paratrooper and became the fourth generation of army soldiers. I grew up in the valleys of the Judean Desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. I am native to Israel but uprooted from my past.”

This is the first in a series to come that is set to examine the psychology behind the aesthetics of execution facilities and it is named “The Last Fire Squad”

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“I photograph as a response to photographs. My interest is to examine the power photography and photographs has on our perception of reality. My finite goal is to give back to the culture I am participating in.”

“I want to share imagery that represents the mindset of an Israeli, maybe it is only my perspective, but I am responding to images that shape our worlds views. I believe that we learn to hate from some photographs but we can change that if we understand the power they have on us.”

“I wish that the photographs of photographs (the miniatures) will shed light for others in regards to the influence photography has on us as much as the process was revealing to me. There is no greater honor than being able to successfully mediate such thing.”

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