May we forever evolve & flourish

Austere was founded by Natasha Brito, a passionate creative who wanted to create exposure in a tasteful and artistic fashion for rising creatives. She shared this passion with a handful of ladies who helped her lead various teams of collaborators. For 5 years her and the team released 19 print issues and countless events in Denton, Dallas, Austin and Brookyln.

For our 20th issue we wanted to reinvent ourselves, because, well, we can! So we chose to reflect back onto why we started this entire project and developed the Austere Bi-Annual Photo Competition. Every issue will be tied to a photography competition where we get to honor the most impeccable and obscure photographers around the world. People who have inspired us to create all the work we've done for years. The top 100 photographers will be featured in every new issue of Austere as our new 2.0 era of our magazine.

We're very excited and we hope you will be too.