Jamie Knowlton is the kind of photographer we live for. No, seriously, we’re so about her work. Each of her series has a purpose behind it in which she feels the need to create.

Recently, she shared with us her latest series, Amusement Park.

“I photographed the love of my life. As a queer femme, it’s vital to me that we have representational images of nudes by femmes and for femmes. We’re completely in love and one of the milestones of this experience, is how much we play together. This shoot was about that very essence of play and dreams, in the hopes that making that sensation more tangible, we could share it with others.”


We loved this so much that we asked her to expand. Here is what she sent us:

“Several aspects come together to create moments like this. 

One, the sense that I’ve always felt queer. I didn’t have the language for it, but I always knew there were more than two gender choices. I always felt attracted to a myriad of people and identities. I, very basically felt like all the normative things I was told were the right way, somehow inherently felt like the most unnatural way. At a base level, for me, being queer is an affront to the belief that life only manifests in extremes or at pole points. So, I’m a flaming queer. That’s an aspect of my work.”


“Second, I’m acutely aware that femmes are perhaps more visible than masc identified folks. To reiterate Simone de Beauvoir and John Berger after her, femmes are seen and thus also are always seeing themselves being seen. My work inherently engages in a world dominated by white cis het men and their view of femme bodies. In a world saturated with straight driven, male choreographed porn…I get censored on Instagram for a tantalizing view of my partner’s butt. It is immensely important to me to have representation of queer femmes by queer femmes. Period.”



“Lastly, my partner. My partner is my greatest life support. She consistently shows up for me in so many bright and immense way. She effortlessly collaborates on many of my photos and bravely tries many physically uncomfortable things so I can get the ideal shot. In general, I’m very inspired by our love, her mind, and all the curves of her body. It is a huge gift to share our lives together, in the balanced and subtle ways that we do. She enables me to create dreamscapes or scenarios that otherwise do not exist in this world as we know it. That’s the greatest pleasure, to create alternative ways of being in such troubled times. That’s also such a vital role of art, to provoke questions and create radical ways of living and feeling that haven’t yet been dreamed of. My partner encourages me to do this. How fucking fortuitous it was for us to find one another, I’ll never be able to measure that.”


Experience more of her work: Her Site
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