Austere Does 35 Denton: Day Two

 Photos by Ellie Alonzo and Fey Sandoval.


She Banshee (Denton) //



Gar Gar (Monroe, LA) //


Chinaski, The Fury (Denton, TX) // 




Brutal Juice (Denton) // 


Choctaw Wildfire (Austin, TX) // 


Jacco Gardner (Hoorn, Netherlands) //


Moth Face (Dallas) //


Mind Spider (Ft Worth) //


Mink Coats (Denton) //


Felt & Fur (Denton) //


The Zombies (St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK) //


Something Called Nothing (Austin) //



VoltREvolt (Denton) //


Goldenjoy (Denton) //


Dedkra-Z and Princess Eud (Pétionville, Haiti) //


Telegraph Canyon (Ft Worthi) //







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