Get ready to throw out some dollar bills at the most needed new app in your pocket: Zenu.

Dallas local and creative entrepreneur, Roy Vann, is creating an app that gives artists and event planners the power to book their own venues. Literally why the hell hasn’t this been invented already? We at Austere experience the woes of booking unique spaces for every single event we put on and so do many other creators out there.

If there’s ever a time to support a kickstarter project, it’s now. Consider it the AirBnB of booking. Check out the video and read our mini interview with the founder himself and thennnnnn $UPPORT! Let’s make this thing come alive. 


What is the biggest reason people need Zenu?

People Need Zenu because the current boking process is time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes unsafe. 

Its hard to find event space and even when you get a few leads alot of times the space doesn’t exactly fit your needs. We created something for people to be able to find and book the perfect venue on the perfect date, in minutes. While having the opportunity to tour venues in 3D and Virtual Reality

When do you plan to launch it if you get fully funded?

If Zenu’s Kickstarter Pre-Sale reaches its goal we plan to be in the Apple store in mid-late September, so if you have a fall event you definetely want to pledge! 

What inspires you to create?

I’m inspired by freedom, the freedom of mind and body compells me to create. It is that drive for freedom to create that drove me to create this app and allow myself the freedom to book more shows, and create more music. 

I do have to mention that the Dallas Observer has the exclusive on this story and we would like to honor that, but they should post it today or tomorrow, after that you are free to run.


“Our app is unique because it takes an outdated, disorganized, and sometimes
dishonest booking process and centralizes it while creating transparency and
convenience for all,” Vann said.

Zenu will be available for pre-sale on compatible Apple devices through on Monday, July 31.

Artists can receive a BETA download and early access to the app with just a $10 Kickstarter Pledge, $50 if they want virtual reality glasses. Venues have the option to choose from three different 1 year subscription options ranging from a Bronze Plan ($100 Kickstarter Pledge) to a Gold Plan at ($999 Kickstarter Pledge); which includes virtual reality setup and functionality.

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