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manganiello 06

Victoria Manganiello’s woven masterpieces

She creates paintings by "spinning, dying, and weaving her own canvases, using materials like ...

Girl Gaze poster, created by featured artist Brie UnderhillA piece by 'Girl Gaze' featured artist Jana Renee

All Eyes to be on ‘Girl Gaze’ this Saturday

All eyes will be on a conceptual, experimental, all-girl art show this Saturday in ...


Photo Story: SOULMATES

I will destroy you / I will create you You will destroy me / ...


Photo Story: Amusement Park

"I photographed the love of my life. As a queer femme, it's vital to ...


Distant Comfort // Elise Miguel

Meet Elise Miguel; a photographer who sought a journey of discovery and vulnerability in a ...


When a picture is worth a thousand questions // Discover Photographer Daria Amaranth

Daria creates enigmatic stories in which the state of mystery remains the most important ...


Our Tarot Brings a Magical Touch to Some of the Greatest Women in History+Today

Artist Emily Dickinson created 78 beautifully illustrated cards representing 78 history-making women.


Artist Buie reveals fluidity between real and imagined constructs

We set out to get to know Jessica Buie and three series of her ...


Anonymity and a Woman’s Gut Instinct

We interviewed editor Yasmine Ganley, the artist and author behind the aesthetic journal anyonegirl ...


Burning Man Keeps Burning Brighter

Enjoy some truly captivating imagery shot by Andrew Jorgensen for The Confluence that will ...