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The Power of Food

I can pass it down through generations. The cultural significance of my native food ...

A photo by Adam Przewoski. unsplash.com/photos/umchkHwkdyM

The Politics of Listening

What’s the point if we were all just there to grab sound bites, be ...


Trashing On Pride

No matter where you celebrate Pride, it’s hard to attend and still feel like ...


Boss Babes ATX: What Community Looks Like

By Larisa Manescu - Boss Babes ATX is a non-profit organization that hosts bi-monthly ...

A photo by Oscar Keys. unsplash.com/photos/AmPRUnRb6N0

Survivor Speak: An Ocean Of Voices Turning The Tide

By Larisa Manescu - I wish my personal essay Calling Bullshit On Shame, Five ...


Calling Bullshit On Shame, Five Years Later

By Larisa Manescu - There's power in my story far beyond any statistic I ...


The Rise of Alcohol Free Festivals

“By bringing together thousands of people and removing the vibration of alcohol, we have ...


Sexuality and the Internet

“In my generation, we chose women on how they made us feel, not just ...


Editors We Love: Erika Ramirez of ILY Mag

Erika Ramirez talks leaving Billboard, starting her own media outlet and relationship tweets.