In one of our all time craziest turn of events last weekend we were fortunate to meet the founders of Cinderblock, an emerging production company in Dallas.  

Directors Jake Ryan Hull and Nick Melita ended up being some of the realest guys we’ve ever met and hosted our 16th Issue release party at the last minute after our original space cancelled.

In the four hours we spend pulling together a last minute event we realized the great consideration and care Cinderblock is putting into their part of Dallas’s creative community. Their new space is opening this Friday and we took a minute to talk to with creator and director Jake Hull about the history of Cinderblock, their new space and their upcoming event.

Can you give us a little bit of background about how Cinderblock came together and what type of projects you work on?

Cinderblock truthfully started in kitchens, parking lots, and an IHOP. I had a friend that was an acoustic musician that needed recordings of his songs so we went to weird locations and shot very raw video. I then started wanting to meet more musicians and find a place that was aesthetically pleasing to the vibe that I was in search of. I eventually moved into a loft inside and old flour mill, brought Nick on, and started shooting some big local talent in front of live studio audiences in what we call Cinderblock Sessions.

Outside of the live sessions, we are a full scale production company that caters mostly to musicians with music videos, filmed live concerts, EPK packages, album cover photos and more.

What is the story behind your new space, how did it come to be?

The space has been our highest priority over the last 6 months. We knew that we wanted to move into a bigger space than the flour mill but it was not easy finding the perfect place for 4 months. Once we found it, we had to do some serious remodeling to suit our needs. We never expected to host other events other than our own until we found this unique place and now we want to be able to share it with other artists and creatives.

What are your goals here? What type of projects do you plan to work on?

One of our goals of 2016 is to have our sessions become as popular and intimate as ever. We want to bring people of all types to be able to just sit on a couch in a quiet place and listen to some of the best talent Dallas has to offer. The biggest project that we are going to work on is connecting with the emerging art community and see what we can offer it.

What is the opening event going to be like? Who is performing, what artists will yall have?

The opening event will be a mix of all the things we will be doing in our new studio. We will have two bands, Northern National and Moonlight Native, playing acoustic sets. There will be great home cooked food and a local beer supply. We will also have an artist or two showing their newest art pieces. Lastly, for the first and only time, we will invite guests into our private areas inside the building so they can see the hard work we have put into the entire building.

Anything else you would like to add?

We can’t wait to share the space with the world and can’t wait to get back to work “filming musicians with cameras for the internet.”




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