Last Friday at London Fashion week, DAKS showed its SS16 collection and it was as beautifully put together as always. Founded in 1894, it keeps its British heritage well with its house check and colour palette, yet adds modernism with digital prints.

With the window-check and marble prints making an appearance in this collection, it gave the structured look to DAKS that we know and love but the flow of the fabric it was printed on, added elegance and softness to the collection.

The main colours used were purple, black, white and brown. During the catwalk to set the scene they played a lovely track that made you feel like you were sitting in Paris, with a glass of whatever you fancy, in a venue that had a glass ceiling so all the daylight flooded in, making the summer feeling even more realistic.



All photos by James Moffat.

The collection had a mix of jumpsuits, beautifully tailored suits and dresses, that had a mixture of soft, flowing, silks that were then paired with suede skirts, dresses and panels of tan and black. This added a shape to the model yet the suede was quite thin so it wouldn’t actually be that hot to wear in the summer.

daks1daks2 daks3 daks4 daks5 daks6 daks7 daks8 daks9 daks10 daks11 daks12 daks13 daks14 daks15 daks16 daks17 daks18 daks19 daks20 daks21 daks22 daks23

The only full suede look was a “little black dress” which even though was quite short, the suede keeps it from flowing up, also keeping the structure of silhouette.


daks24 daks25 daks26 daks28 daks29 daks30 daks31 daks32 daks33 daks34 daks35 daks36 daks37 daks38

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