Photo by: Kathy Tran

DALLAS: Get Lit at The Pin Show This Saturday

Unless you’ve been living under a rock here in the big D,

you’ve been to or heard of The Pin Show.

This year will make for its ninth installment of a show+experience that continues to grow in unique ways. These indie creators have taken their project to the top of people’s must-do lists in the spring around here & that is the kind of shit we get jazzed about at Austere. We love seeing passionate creators pouring their work into something this relentless ~ especially when it helps continue pushing awareness towards how amazing Dallas really is.

The show this year tops the cake; consisting of 27 designers and guided by synthpop artist, ZHORA. There will be live performances by some of our favorites like Blue The Misfit, Sam Lao, picnictyme, and Ronnie Heart. There won’t be a minute to spare of energy and entertainment.

Photo by: Kathy Tran
Photo by: Thomas Garza
Photo by: Thomas Garza
Photo by: Thomas Garza
Designers of the night:

Dika Obiaju
Jiani Chen
Melancholic Design
Silk Threads by Ruby
Ain’t No Lady
Ana Pesqueira
Elle Luxx
Faith Diva
Molly Margaret
Nick Rose Fashion House
R. Nola
Radkeem Sims
Seven Flock
Shira Simone Designs
Sullivan Layne

Get your tickets this week before you become the person with no one to hang with Saturday night. All your friends are going, so get with it already. –>

See y’all there.

xoxo Austere

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