Neighborhood Cult’s final art event of 2017 is TABOO. On October 27th, enter into a neon-saturated world where Earthly sins of lust, greed, pride, vanity, sloth, and envy are one’s most irresistible attributes. Decadence is celebrated. Desire is indulged. Members of this society dress in disguise, becoming their own work of art. This conceptual art installation features a ritualistic setting, immersing its guests in botanical design, candles, crystals, and mysticism. This group exhibition explores dual interpretations of cultural taboos, natural impulses and the ingrained response one has to their own urges.

At their Girl Gaze event, we attended earlier this year, we got a good idea of how conceptual and incredible these events really are.

Become a work of art for TABOO, inspired by NYC 60’s era art parties and New Orleans voodoo masquerades. Awards will be given to Best Makeup, Most Creative and Kinkiest Costume.

Be gluttonous with New Orleans style beignets, coffee and savory treats provided by The Beignet Bus.

Be wary of tarot card readings by the mystical Elizabeth Ashley Johnson.

Artisan goods provided: caramel apples, sage bouquets, white prayer candles and more.

Neon Glass Artists: Don Beck, Mikah Peterson, Ali Feeney, Austin Fields, James Akers, Christine Adame, Seth Lorenz

7 Sins Artists: Alex Stock, Jana Renee, Elizabeth Ashley Johnson, Sophia Ceballos, Sarah Ayala, Genesis Studios, Viktor Villaneuva, Rosalin Strange, Grace Sydney Pham, Ari Brielle, Dana Nicole Hill, Alex Curington, Diana Urbina, Zach Morriss, Caitlyn Lennon, Megan Van Groll

Projection Artwork: Madie Braswell
Performances by Sam Lao, Sudie, and Vogue Machine.
Sage Bundles Vendor: Cho Ke
Makeup Artist & Photographer: Aston Evada
Conceptual Curator | Set Design: Sarah Moore
Prints for sale by Neighborhood Cult artists & TABOO artists.


Neighborhood Cult is a conceptual art business that supports emerging local and regional artists. We aim to curate highly experiential events, as an alternative to traditional art openings, with an emphasis on female identifying artists. Our vision is to continue producing storytelling shows as well as offer services to support the careers of emerging artists through novel, creative tools.


Vanity: Artist Jana Renee (red mirror)
Lust: Artist Kaitlyn Cormier  (pink bathtub)
Gluttony: Artist Sophia Ceballos (purple mardi gras style)

Taboo is $12 in advance | $15 at the door. 

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