By Skyler Hill

The Song Itself is a series focusing on the process and stories behind songs on an album. Each feature will take three tracks from a new release and reveal a bit more about each one than you would get from simply listening to the album–although we recommend doing that, too.

Exit Glaciers from Denton, TX released Moonjelly this past August, and at just over 17 minutes, it leaves just enough room to keep it on repeat for at least an hour, and for the melodies to linger in your head for at least a day. I got to ask Megan, the lead vocalist, about the workings behind “Obvious”, “Couch Cab”, and “Acid Teeth”.


“‘Obvious’ came together in about five or ten minutes one evening in Denton. I didn’t take much time to dissect or edit it like I do with other songs. I performed it as a solo act here and there and since then it has followed me into a full band setting. I’ve really enjoyed watching the song evolve with more instrumentation.”

Check out the harmonies from 1:36-1:54. 

Couch Cab

“‘Couch Cab’ came together at the beginning of the formation of the band. This song went through a couple of drafts. I was listening to the Books and Cass Mccombs a lot during that time. Some of the lyric lines about ‘tape recording’ were directly influenced by the Books’ style of piecing together old sound clips. I like the patchwork effect that their music creates.”

Listen to the build up and release from 1:40-1:55.

Acid Teeth

“‘Acid Teeth’ is another one of those songs that went through a series of drafts. My style of song writing is to come up with a melody line and let it lead me to a complete thought. I work in reverse, letting the spine of the song grow around the flesh.”

If you want a vocal melody to get stuck in your head in the best way, listen to 0:50-1:01.


Exit Glaciers is leaving for tour soon. Check out the album and their upcoming dates on their Facebook page.

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