All eyes will be on a conceptual, experimental, all-girl art show this Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Girl Gaze: An Art Installation” will feature over a dozen local female artists in an exhibition curated by Sarah Moore, Neighborhood Cult Productions founder.

“I want to make shows that empower women,” Moore said. “People just want to see something different, you know?”

Moore has a track record for curating successful art shows.

Neighborhood Cult Productions’ last show entitled, “Don’t Call Me Baby: An All Female Perspective,” featured 60 female artists, punk bands, skateboarding and close to 700 guests.

“With ‘Girl Gaze,’ I wanted to continue a series of popup feminist art shows,” Moore said.

For the installation, the bedroom, kitchen and living room of an ordinary home have all transformed into a perfectly peachy-pink pastel dreamland to create an atmosphere that is almost undeniably “girl.”

“It’s going to be this kind of weird, surreal but also realistic depiction of a girl’s perspective,” Moore said. “It’s a little tongue-in-cheek.’”

The show will feature work that tackles themes of identity, beauty standards, mental illness and sexuality.

"GIRL GAZE artist Kelsha Spencer utilizes feminism and black culture as her sources of inspiration. This will be her first art show on January 21st!"

“GIRL GAZE artist Kelsha Spencer utilizes feminism and black culture as her sources of inspiration. This will be her first art show on January 21st!” // Sarah Moore

Moore said Fort Worth florist The Greenhouse 817 will have a hand in the installation design and man a booth at the event.

Multidisciplinary artist Lita Bush will be sharing some very personal pieces of art in the show.

“My work lately has been about sad girls and crying,” Bush said. “Like female expressions of sadness and anger.”


“Girl Gaze artist Lita Bush is a creative powerhouse. The North Texan glass artist’s feminist perspective holds a playful, tongue in cheek place in our hearts utilizing everything from menstrual blood, charcoal, hair, tears and eyelashes.” // Sarah Moore

One of her pieces, titled A Period of Time, features five days’ worth of her own menstrual blood.

“Menstrual blood is something I’ve been working with for two years now,” Bush said. “I get really upset by our society’s disgust with it because to me, it’s just blood. With me as a female, it’s just a part of every month. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t be shocking because it’s not shocking when you get your period.”

Other pieces of Bush’s work feature her tears, eyelashes and hair.

“I’m just a weirdo with a huge fascination with the idea of literally inserting myself into the work,” Bush said. “It’s kind of a self-portrait in a literal sense.”

Bush thinks guests will find the “Girl Gaze” show intimate.

“The bathroom can only fit three, maybe four people at a time,” she said. “So you’re getting a more personal experience with the work. I love the idea of it.”

Another artist featured in the show, Brie Underhill, designed the embroidered poster in addition to her pieces in the show.

“She’s this great comic illustrator,” Moore said of Underhill’s work. “She’s doing this segment where she takes her comics and puts them on pieces of clothing so you can flip through them in the closet. It’s going to be really cool.”


“GIRL GAZE artist Elizabeth Ashley Johnson creates pop-art inspired pieces, utilizing a collage style mashup of illustration, vintage photography, feminist sentiments, and neon hued monster muses.” // Sarah Moore


“GIRL GAZE artist Jana Renee’s work is inspired by selfie culture, and the dichotomy of how women are criticized if they do not show enough (prude) of themselves and criticized if they love themselves (narcissism). “Selfies”, cringeworthy term as it is, is about a discovery of self and something she captures in a stunning pale aesthetic.” // Sarah Moore

The show is noon-6 p.m. Jan. 21 at 1812 Clover Lane Fort Worth, TX 76107. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $5. Mimosas and snacks will be provided for those who are twenty-one years of age or older. Using Uber, Lyft or carpooling is advised as parking on the street is difficult.

Artist list includes:

Brie Underhill
Betsey Gravatt
Alex Stock
Lisa Bush
Elizabeth Ashley Johnson
Jana Renee
Olivia Cole
Kelsha Spencer
Lindsay Ellary
Andrea Belmontes
Monica Wright
Kate Stipp

For more information and to RSVP, check out the Facebook event

+ Neighborhood Cult Productions’ blog post about the event.

Photo by Lindsay Ellary

Photo by Lindsay Ellary

Girl Gaze poster, created by featured artist Brie Underhill

Girl Gaze poster, created by featured artist Brie Underhill

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