SSomewhere between Auto-biography and Self-Portrait “Film is for Lovers” invites you into the intimate space of Justin Erion and Miles Marie. There is a moodiness, and perhaps even darkness to the shots as they move around the bedroom and bathroom, but there is also a playfulness, and relief to those moments as you realize these are shot stripped down, without any additional light or reflectors, completely on film and unedited, from the perspective of each others counterpart. While some shots are more risqué than others, no part of this is pornographic. And the male and female form are “sexualized” in equal parts. In the end: this series explores the raw images of how two lovers respond to each other while sharing the same space and lens, and the intimacy of exploring this journey with them. 

Justin Erion and Miles Marie create because through their obsession with learning what they can do between the light and the shadows, they realized through Art they can manipulate the perspective of the reality we’re living in. They often create together because they are partners in every sense of the word.

Through this series we hope people will see the value of shooting a good photo from the beginning and not “fixing it in post.” With no special processing, after effects, photoshop, or editing of any kind, these photos are as shot. We would also hope that people would start to explore the spaces right in front of them, where the shadows and light meet. It is in those places that the best stories are told.

Miles Marie and Justin Erion are a Renaissance Art couple living in Detroit, Mi. They spend their days working hard to help fuel their obsessions which include: playing music, raising chickens, and shooting a balance of film and digital photos in hopes of understanding the human condition.

All these photos were taken on 35mm film, one rolled was expired 200 speed color, one roll was 400 color speed, 1 was 400 black and white, and one was 800 color. 

Photographers & Models:
Miles Marie @nomadic_madam
Justin Erion @jack_oats


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