By Samantha Melomo 

Day two of the festival was was much more relaxed. We took our time and made it just in time to catch Glassjaw.

Then we made our way to the Blue Stage and watched Gary Newman in all his eyelined-glory, who put on an incredible show.

Next we ran to the Yellow Stage to see Fred Armisen‘s act. It started off as him playing a british pop punk doing covers of songs, then switched to Fred as Fred doing covers of songs. He played the set with J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. so we got to “feel the pain” twice which was awesome. We were expecting a little more standup but it was fun nonetheless.

Then we headed to the ramps to check out the Volcom Skate Demo which was crazy! I honestly could sit there and watch them skateboard for hours (they aren’t so bad on the eyes either). Afterwards we caught the end of Black Lips and got to throw toilet paper around a full audience.

Then we made our way to the New Pornographers, then back to the Blue Stage for Nas.

After Nas we chowed down on some Kimchi Fries by King Diamond and ended the night with Modest Mouse which was one of the acts I was most excited to see.



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