Humor and Altered Reality


Meet graphic artist, Marcos Martínez Pérez.

Age: 31 years.

Place of birth: Algorfa (Alicante_Spain).

Place of residence: Valencia (Spain).

Studies: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master in Artistic Production


Austere //

How would you define your artistic activity?

Marcos Martínez Pérez//

Plastic work varying between combinations of painting and collage.




Why do you make art?


 From a young age I was interested in drawing and painting, most evenings I studied fine art at the University of Valencia and I dedicated myself to it in a more professional way. In certain ways my work is a need to capture and transmit my personal ideas which work as an inspirational tool to affect its observers.


What do you think of your work?


My work focuses on the collage; I am very interested in taking images away from their original contexts and inter-splicing them another meaning. Moreover, as I often use old photos, this emphasizes the contrast, making the combination more palpable.

Starting with various stimuli and materials is more inspiring to me than having a blank canvas. Exploring the endless possibilities with these existing elements is the most rewarding part of the artistic challenge for me.




What’s your favorite piece or series you’ve ever done (if any)?


I have many works that I like, but there are many works which I feel need more development. This is what makes you feel the need to continue to produce work, the element of refinement. There are many works which eventually become likeable. And the continued refinement of these pieces is my passion.




Who/what are you inspired by?


 My work is heavily influenced by surrealism and Dadaism. As references I can talk about artists like Rauschenberg, Marx Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico, Magritte, Equiepo Realidad, Edward Hopper…




What (if anything) do you want your art to accomplish?


My collages are formed by images that have no apparent connection and the meaning becomes clear in their combination, giving them a sense. Although I don’t find a concrete meaning to my work. I mainly focus on the aesthetic side and the finished piece then becomes multifaceted to the observer. I leave the interpretation free to people in that sense. I always try to play with the puns and irony. To achieve this, it helps a lot to use old images, this way my work provokes the observer to think on many different levels such as humor, abstract aesthetics and an altered reality.


What would you choose for your last meal?


No doubt… Cheesecake.


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