Inside Look: Mid-Point Eclectic

By: Taylor Cloyd



First off, tell me a little more about yourself and how Mid-Point came to be?

Devaun Robinson

Mid-Point is the product of 26 years of trial and error; the product of me finding myself and inspiring others to find themselves. I’m a 26-year-old married father of 2! I love my family, I love fashion and I love bettering the people that come into my life.



Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?


I didn’t! This literally started off as an art project, then grew into a business. From there the people around me forced me to better that business, and after that it just become my passion. Now it’s a part of me, it’s how I express my feelings and creativity and it’s how I voice my views on what is important in our culture.


mid-point eclectic




So you grew up in Los Angeles, how has that influenced your design process?


Growing up in LA taught me not to afraid to be different. I did the opposite of what the people around me did, I wasn’t easily influenced and I didn’t need anybody’s validation. LA taught me to be a leader of myself. It directly influences my designs. Mid-Point is not influenced by trends or fashion forecasts, and there are times when my designs are the direct opposite of what’s popular in the industry at the time. And I only seek validation from the people that believe in our brand.



What do you like best about designing clothes?


I like the freedom and I like the process of seeing a concept come to life. The freedom of having pure thoughts and ideas, then seeing those ideas translate into a jacket, a shirt, a pair of pants.



What do you find most exciting about running MidPoint?


Watching the people around me grow. Seeing my staff step into their roles and taking our company to the next level. And then being able to make others see my vision! Being able to communicate the reason this brand exists and having others dedicated and loyal to your cause… Thats the most exciting [thing].


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This article was originally printed in June 2014 in Edit Austere Fashion Book. Photos courtesy of Devaun Robinson.

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