// I S S U E  1 9

An issue that we all really needed to create after the election slapped us in the face last winter. We needed this magazine to be a light at the end of the tunnel, a reminder that there is still much we can be doing to grow and evolve as the culture we have worked so hard to embrace. This issue was just as much for us as it was for you. We hope you remember that the fight is never over and we’re not going anywhere. <3



// I S S U E  1 8

An issue that guides us through the vivid emotions, memories, and triggers that lead us to lose sight of ourselves and the places, things, and people we seek in order to find our way back home. We find ourselves time and time again with our heads to the sky, gasping for some form of guidance; we’ve lost our way. We’ve found ourselves at a dead end, uncertain of where we lost touch with ourselves and with our souls.