JULY DISCOVERY // jen janet

Jen Janet @jenjanetmusic is a model, as well as a singer/songwriter. When she is not in front of the camera, she can be heard fronting the metal band, Blind Revision. They were nominated for two Worcester Music Awards and embarked on an east coast tour of the U.S. in May. This month, aside from killing it on stage, Jen will be rocking the runway in Rhode Island fashion week. She will be modeling for designer LINA, whose clothing boasts feminist vibes and girl power messages.

The fashion designer and photographer of this photo set is Bless by Bless @blessbybless, an artist from Zimbabwe who now splits his time between Boston and NYC in the fashion industry. His designs range from the romantic, flirty feel of this lingerie set, to more urban athletic and sporty looks. His range of designs are what make Bless stand out as a prominent east coast designer, as well as his positive message. He writes, “The BBB Army of Love is a revolutionary community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in spreading a message of hope, faith and love. Through charity, fashion, music and random acts of kindness we fight for three common interests: peace, love and humanitarianism. The BBB Army of Love aims to unite people who strive to do more good than the average person.”

Why do you create?

J: I create because I feel an instinct to do so. I love to create all art, whether it is photography, music, fashion, film, etc. Like myself, designer Bless by Bless feels the same and dabbles in not only fashion design, but film, photography, music and many other art forms. I feel that art crosses over and blends into different types of art. This makes the artistic and creative mind unique.

What do you hope people gain from your work?

J: I hope to empower women in knowing that it’s ok to do something for yourself to feel sexy. I grew up in a conservative small town, and there were times when I would have felt judged if I released photos like this. Bless by Bless is a unique designer because he understands that some women want to feel stylish and sexy, and his clothes are very tasteful and beautiful at the same time. Many women feel empowered by covering themselves head to toe, and others feel empowered by wearing heels and a crop top. Both should be equally respected, and no one should be told how to feel or how to dress. I’m just a normal girl from a small town who decided to enter the modeling and music community. Through both communities, I’ve met so many talented people, and it’s the most important thing I’ve done for myself. This particular photoshoot was the most fun I’ve had with a photographer, and I wanted to share it. I hope there’s a little girl out there who feels the way I did when I was 13 or 14. I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything glamorous. That wasn’t me. I was awkward and shy. I’d like to show that you truly can get yourself to where you want to be. You just have to work hard, and do what YOU want to do…not what everyone thinks you should do.


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