New on the block designer, Min Wu had her “official London Fashion Week debut” this season. She was also one of the ten finalists in the London College of Fashion MA showcase only February last year.


This clean collection with gradient prints and structured silhouettes, combined with elasticity in the clothing, expresses how Wu aimed to create a collection that shows how human muscles are rigid but able to adjust and stretch. Then adding in the use of functional materials and technology, brings the collection into the epitome of modernity in today’s fashion industry.


Colours like pinks, and blues on the fabrics combined with white make this collection feel clinical, which reflects well with the fashion film that went along with the collection called “Adjusting/Healing” directed by David Richardson, all about “self discovery and recovery“. The colours also added femininity to the strong shapes, plastic accessories and backpacks. But with denim also making a comeback, Min Wu has also been quite forward thinking as her first four looks are made pretty much only out of this trending fabric.

Min Wu Designer LFW

All photos by James Moffat.

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