Words and Photos // Kristina Prater

The Dallas Contemporary Art Show was an eventful night full of diverse and amazing artists. Presented by the Conception Global Art Collective, this show took place at Community Beer Co. and featured a variety of pieces on display. The brewery was transformed into an area for networking and mingling among artists and attendees; the bar remained open and allowed thirsty guests to choose from a lovely selection of Community beers.

CONCEPTION, Community, and The Dallas Contemporary Art Show came together to give patrons a great night full of local art and craft brews, and also the chance to get to know artists and gain personal insight on what inspired certain works of art. It was nice: one felt free to ask them anything that came to mind, and some seemed eager enough to answer and talk about their work. It was, overall, a supportive and welcoming environment, one that anyone with a penchant for visual art would not want to miss out on.

Check out some of the art below, and be sure to follow these hardworking locals on their social media.

by: Ralph Adaba          Instagram: @raphael.adaba

by: Alexander Orokotan          Instagram: @alexonlyknows

Alexander Orokotan

by: Justin Keith          Instagram: @justinokeithcreative

by: unknown

by: Danielle Wydermyer           Instagram: daniiallover

Instagram: @Brean.t

by: Noin Rivera          Instagram: @noin_rivera

by: unknown

by: Sam Vachon          Instagram: @sam.vachon.art

by: Hannah Patterson

Check out more from CONCEPTION and their global art collective at their site, here.


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