“Our Love Was Written in Stars”

Zeren Badar is a rising self-taught photographer living in New York City. We asked him a few questions to get some insight on his eccentric work.


Why do you make art?

ZB: “I’ve always had urge to create things since I was a child. It is an outlet for my emotions. When I get an idea, I cannot put it down. I have to put my ideas in action. Strong feelings pour out of my body and brain. It is almost like sugar rush. I think I’m addicted to making art.”

What do you think of your work?
ZB: “My work is shocking, humorous and childlike. It is dada, pop and at the same time surreal. I know most curators and gallery owners could not put me in one category. My art is risky for them. But I believe I have very big fan base. It will take some time to catch up for gallery owners.”


What’s your favorite piece or series you’ve ever done?
ZB: “It changes when I create something new.  I always think the new one is my favorite. When I look back, I really like the piece I called “Sliced”.  It is very simple. I love the stripe background and color palette. Of course my signature piece is the one with the egg which is called “Very First Accident”.”

“The Very First Accident”

Who/what are you inspired by?
ZB: “Everyday objects and simple banal things inspire me. I can get inspired in grocery stores easily. My all-time favorite place is 99 cent stores. I feel like I’m in a toy store there. There are so many artists who inspire me. My top ones are Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Urs Fischer, Andy Warhol.”

 “Lady Gaga

What (if anything) do you want your art to accomplish?

ZB: “I would love to inspire a new generation. I would love to show in major museums and become a multi-disciplinary artist. I dream of making art as my full-time job one day.”

“The Gift”

What would you choose for your last meal?
ZB: I would choose Turkish Kebabs and carrot cake as dessert.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
ZB: “Art business is very difficult and most of the time is thankless. But most people love making art and they put up with so many bizarre things. It is very important to stick with creating and don’t get discouraged. There are a lot rejections involved. I keep working and hoping the best as result.”

 “Endless Love”

“American Icon Ketchup”


View more of Badar’s work at zerenbadar.com/

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