Meet illustrator and artist, Elena Limkina.

Austere //

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Elena Limkina //

I am an illustrator from Moscow. I have been painting since childhood. I’ve been studying medical engineering, but my passion for fine arts has taken precedence. I have two hobbies: dancing and music.

Why do you create?


Drawing was always an important part of my life. I just cannot imagine my life without fine arts. There is a lot beautiful things around us, and I just translate my vision onto paper. I feel serenity and harmony when I create.


What do you think of your work?


There is beautiful Conficius’ quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I am happy because I have quite a job like this. Most recently I have been creating watercolor illustrations. I create pictures for home decoration, illustrations for magazines, illustrations for various brands and sometimes I create patterns.


At what moment did you realized you wanted to start creating?


At the age of 3-9 years I painted on wood in a children’s art studio, then I studied at night school with art as my focus. Later I created wall newspapers while I studied in school and designed some posters etc. Closer to my time at finishing university I began to devote more time to drawing and I got my first few customers. After this i began to work in an office and combined it with painting for my consumers. It became hard to mix these different works and I decided to terminate my office job. I have my close friend’s support to thank.


What’s your favorite piece or series you’ve ever done (if any)?


I have two favorite series. First is Magic is All Around Us (see At that time I had been working on jewelry sketches, studied ornament art and just started to work on botanics — all these mixed together and finally composed the internals of the Magic series.

Second is my series where every flower fell to pieces and each were drawn separately. Found on behance – Watercolor Botanical Illustration parts I and II

Who/what are you inspired by? 


My top inspirer is nature. I love works of Renaissance’s painters, especially Albrecht Dürer’s work.

What (if anything) do you want your work to accomplish?


I want to grow in my area, try new techniques, art tricks. I dream of doing large projects related to botanical illustrations. I also dream of creating some illustrations for Tiffany&Co, I love their jewelry so much 🙂

You can see more work by Elena here.

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