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So let’s just get right into it. Like a weekday morning, you’ve opened up the covers
of your eyes, delving into the fresh pages of the day. Maybe you’re groggy, from all
the recent developments in this country – it’s hard to get a solid night’s rest when
you’re kept awake with apocalyptic visions of oppression and warfare, dancing in
your head.

Like that beloved cup of joe, though – we’re here to wake you up.

There’s no point in wasting time, and there’s no time to waste. Many of us are
divided. Broken, splintered, like so many leaves of a once beautiful novel, torn out
from the spine and scattered. And when we try to put that story back together,
the words get jumbled up, taken out of context. So many narratives are twisted
or even erased in the cacophony of fear and hatred. You don’t need us to tell you
that, though. You’re reading this – and we’re writing it – for two reasons: why it
happened, and where do we go. As any constant reader may know, it’s all about
the Quest – so you’ll have to tarry here a while longer if you wish to have that
second question answered.

Enough meandering, though – what’s behind this divide?

We’re not going to turn this into some highly-technical YouTube classroom, or
an intricately woven TED-talk knot. They have their spheres, and we, ours. Our
domain is between these pages, and these pages are not so much about education
as awakening.

So the divide takes a few dichotomous forms, the roots of which are urban vs rural,
and wealth vs poverty. For the entirety of United States socio-political history,
these two dichotomies have driven the country. We’ve gone through cycles of
disparity and unity, and we’ve seen the constituency of each side change. Any
divide or nationwide argument has, at its roots, the difficult-to-bridge gap in the
interests between the urban and the rural. The two have vastly different needs
and priorities, and the dichotomous nature of our political system – a bicameral
legislature, and a bipartisan set of dominant political parties
– is rooted in this duality.

Now, of course, this is a simplification of a far-ranging, complex set of issues,
but it is key to understanding what’s going on. Because what is really going
on is a system that profits off of disparity. A system that has created a disparity
which allows the wealthy to benefit, the elites to remain in power, and the
common people to continue with in-fighting and distraction. See, it’s beneficial
to create such a divide amongst the laity, because it tricks us into picking sides,
waging battles, and ultimately, thinking we’ve picked good over evil. The natural
dichotomy between urban and rural has been exploited by those in power, turned
from simple differences that can be compromised, into a disparity that burns all
bridges. And it manipulates the system into becoming us vs. them, which leads us
to our second dichotomy – the wealthy vs. the poor.

Ultimately, it’s a fabrication. We’ve all been duped into thinking that there is a rift
impassable in this nation and that we have to wait for some charismatic leader
or messianic figure to lead us into unity. That is, simply put, an illusion, a mass
delusion spread like a pesticide amongst the seeds of social thought. But you, oh,
you – pioneers, artists, activists, dreamers, doers, lovers and fighters – yours is
the springtime of awareness. The chutes and stems of your flowering have roots
deeper than our would-be farmers can harvest, and it is time to blossom. It’s time
to stop being consumers and to start being conscious creators. It’s time to stop
letting the fruits of our labor be exploited for greed and gain. We’re here to give
you the tools for revolution. We know you’re groggy, exhausted, and the dust of
sleep is still crusting your eyes. But it’s time to wake up – we’ve brought a new
Dawn your way.

Hear that ringing? It’s the system calling. They want their sheep back.

And here’s our answer: we are your flock no longer.



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This story was printed in the DAWN issue.
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