Words//Alcynna Lloyd

Photos//Drew Herring + Alcynna Lloyd

When going to a show, I’m always looking for a few things. I want the music be great, the crowd to be excited, and the dancing to be contagious. That’s exactly what I got this weekend. Joyce Manor, Wavves, and French Vanilla, really do know how to put on a show.

French Vanilla, was the opening act. I love seeing women in the industry, especially women who rock as hard as the guys. (I mean, touring with Joyce Manor and Wavves, ensures that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.) It was my first time seeing them perform. Their sound was melodic and aggressive, but still managed to give off a nonchalant “cool girl” vibe. I found myself snapping my fingers, and before I knew it I was waving my head back and forth. I really do hope I get a chance to see them again!

Photo by Adam Sangor Nagy


Wavves, set was loud, raw, and delightfully fun. I’ve seen Wavves three times now, and I really value their ability to just have a good time. I mean really, they’re just up there having an amazing time. This can only be mirrored by the crowds excitement. There’s something electrifying that happens when they play, “Green Eyes.” It’s truly a song, that everyone can really get into. I mean we’ve all been in love, and we’ve all had rough spots with our friends. The audience really took that angst of that song and put it on full display. The pit, was full of people bouncing off of each other. Each sporting a smile, and a fist in the air. My favorite part of their set was watching dozens of boys and girls ride the waves of hands. Each being guided by their determination to make it to the front row.

I was extremely happy to see Joyce Manor. They’ve been a staple of mine since my early years of college. Finally getting to see them perform, was almost like a dream come true. Their set was honestly everything I expected. It was playful, raunchy, and angsty. The lead singer, Barry Johnson is an extremely charming entertainer. His vocals managed to put a smile on everyone’s face, and his jokes sent laugher roaring. My favorite part of their set, was their encore performance. The band let the crowd choose which song would be played. Much to my delight, Leather Jacket, won.


The shows ended with my screaming my favorite song, mad then walking out with a huge smile. I don’t think I’ve sported a bigger one lately. All in all, this show was awesome. So happy I got to experience!

















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