By Samantha Melomo 

Day Three—the final fun and my favorite day of FFF Fest 2014.

We started our day off with the incredibly talented Stephen Bruner better known as Thundercat, who was shreddin’ it on bass. Hearing such a talented musician live is always a pleasure and Thundercat was obviously loving every moment of it too. He had a great crowd; it was one of our favorite shows of the weekend.


After Thundercat, we walked to the black stage and caught some of Pissed Jeans. The band put on a kick-ass show and interacted with the audience a lot, stopping mid song to tell the crowd surfers how great their moves were. I do have to say though that Matt Korvette (lead singer/screamer), had some super weird dance moves that involved rubbing himself and it gave me the hella creeps.

Next we saw some Cashmere Cat, which was fun. Kind of made me feel like I was in the shitty American version of Skins, except with a cool soundtrack. Afterwards we checked out the Pro BMX Demo on the ramps.

Then we caught some Deafheaven which was awesome. They’re sort of a post-metal/black-metal with a little bit of shoegaze influenced band. While I’m not into black metal, I actually really enjoyed this set.


After Deafheaven we went to the yellow stage to catch comedians, Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani, both from Silicon Valley. They were HILARIOUS. Middleditch seemed to have been a little more prepared while Nanjiani interacted a lot more with the crowd, commenting on all the smoke in the air and how stoned the crowd seemed to be.

After the show, we walked by the Dum Dum Girls who were having a fun show as always and then made our way to Freddie Gibbs and Madlib. Even though he had just been shot at a few days prior, Gibbs was hyped as ever and obviously excited to be out there working with Madlib. After telling the crowd how drunk and high he was, he proceeded to spit some serious lyrics, mostly with Madlib just scratching behind him. The sound could have been a little better and I would have liked a little more Madlib beats, but it still was an awesome show.

We decided to stay after Freddie to get a nice spot for Flying Lotus, and regrettably sat through a London DJ who goes by Sophie who filled in for Sky Ferreira. I was not feeling the high pitched beats and voice clips he used and some parts sounded like we were being immersed in a sewage tank. Then some chick came out in a song about a “fun bubbly drink” holding what looked to be a Redbull can and danced around stage with it. Yeah. I’m pretty sure Redbull actually did a commercial during the middle of FFF Fest.

Once it was over we waited patiently and packed in tight for Flying Lotus–definitely my favorite act of the weekend. From the moment Flying Lotus started until the moment he ended, I was completely entranced by the music and the visuals. He stood between a double screen which had projections on it that made it look 3D. For the songs “featuring” Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus’ alter ego), he would step out in front of the screens as if he was “featuring” himself. It was incredible.

After Flying Lotus ended, we quickly escaped the chaos of the pre-teen Wiz Khalifa crowd and made our way over to see Neutral Milk Hotel. We watched from afar, enjoying the fresh night and beautiful music. They put on a great show, some songs with the full band, some songs with just Jeff Mangum. Unfortunately, the music from The Murder City Devils was so loud we heard a slight mix of Black Stage and Orange Stage. As we were leaving we passed by the Black Stage blaring some heavy metal, and then walked by the Blue Stage and caught “Roll Up” from Wiz Khalifa. It was hilarious walking a short distance between three very different genres of music all in the same place.

It was an incredible weekend. The set up was a little different this year and it is definitely becoming a bigger festival, but it is still one of my favorite festivals because of the diversity it brings in. We will be back next year.

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