HARLEM 76 ‘Ask for Clarence’

Keeping the spirit of the ’70s alive this season, Baartmans and Siegel have produced a collection that transports you into the American Great Awakening era of the 1970s.


 All photos by Luke Hutson-Flynn.


It felt like walking into the set of Pulp Fiction clashed with the original Charlie’s Angels. The ‘Spanish Harlem’ theme was ever present thanks to the use of furs, hairstyles, round sunglasses, converse trainers and soft tailoring. Styled by Catherine Hayward, the mixture of furs, silks and colour palettes that were all the rage in films, interior design and fashion in the ’70s, bonded together well to create this cohesive collection.


Lucy Hardcastle, the installation designer, created industrial, chalky sculptures to represent industrialism in New York in the ’70s. Next to the collection, the stark white sculptures show the flare of this era surviving in the clinical corporate environment that New York was becoming so quickly during this decade.

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Baartmans and Siegel have created an on-trend collection of men’s and womenswear for LCM this season with a literal modern adaptation of how the ’70s are making a comeback this year. The hand embroidery on the pieces adds a more luxurious and personal feel to the garments, which is another reason why the brand does so well.


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