Heavy beats pulsated through the floor as the dancey synth­rock of M83 cascaded from the speakers at the Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum.

Fresh off the release of their 7th studio album “Junk”, this synth-centered dream­ pop outfit lead by French­-born frontman Anthony Gonzalez, packed the house with a sold out performance this past Friday just two nights into their current world tour.

With upcoming appearances scheduled at some of this summer’s hottest music festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, things are already starting off in full swing for these electronic­ dance aficionados.



Photographer Ellie Alonzo.

We jumped into the thick of it by getting up close and personal with the audience ecstatic from the groovy vibes made possible by the rumbling bass, modular synths and intermittent sax leads swelling in and out of focus in between their lush ambient breakdowns.

Giant neon sprinkles fell from the ceiling in an elaborate display of stage lighting, agleam with atmospheric cupcake zeal, making me wonder why 80s’ arena­ pop ever existed in the first place if not only to be surpassed in prowess by this talented collection of musicians.



Sweaty from dancing like wild animals down around the stage front, we made our way up to the balcony to cool down and get a better perspective of the band. We watched as Denton’s very own Kaela Sinclair sang her heart out to the packed house during their thunderous track, “Oblivion.”

Sinclair joined M83 this year to embark upon their current world tour after applying online for a chance to replace longtime vocalist and keyboardist, Morgan Kibby, who recently left the band. The classically trained Dentonite pulled out all the stops during the performance delivering soaring vocals and intricate keyboard chills.

Just as things were really starting to take off, the infamous lead synth lines to their 2014 smash radio hit “Midnight City” cranked into full effect and the entire crowd literally lost their shit. As the air thickened with the shrill screaming of eager fans, the glow sticks started flying. It’s uncommon that a band’s live sound is capable of capturing what is broadcast out through radio waves, however this group is in fact a rare exception. They knocked that shit out of the park.



Amongst the glistening neon shimmer of M83’s vibrant lighting arrangements, teamed with the band’s impeccable attention to sonic detail, these electronic synth wizards were able to create an experience as memorable as it was eventful. And all the while, some of the most stand out moments of the performance can be directly credited to Kaela Sinclair. Caught up in the excitement of such an unforgettable evening, one can only wonder how she must feel playing to sold out crowds with this internationally renowned group of performers. It must feel as though she won the effing lottery… Oh wait that’s right, she totally did.

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