Words // Kristina Prater – Photos // Ellie Alonzo

It didn’t come as a surprise when news struck of a sold out show for John Maus. With the latest release of his album “Screen Memories”, Dallas was fortunate enough to be one of the many stops included in his North American tour. And of course, there was no better venue to be sardine-squeezed into than Club Dada. A place that isn’t too big or too small, with a stage setup perfect enough for an intimate show experience.

To start the night off, the audience was introduced to the Minneapolis based group LUKDLX. (Who happens to be fronted by the keyboardist for Maus).
The mood was truly SET by LUKDLX as they served up sounds of sweet and dreamy synth darkness. No denial was allowed as their notes integrated their way into your body and dug through to your dance glands. Before the set ended, everyone in the room was moving and grooving together.

By this time the crowd was more than ready for John Maus to take over. We all know those moments of time when you anticipate an entrance: you know they could come out at any minute, and yet, nothing. The build up continued before he casually slid in through the side door and presented himself on stage with his band. Then, it became insane. The dancing evolved beyond levels so far known, and everyone was more than ecstatic.

John was screaming; the audience was screaming back.

His stage presence was something that drew you in. He was energetic and expressive, banging his head rapidly and swaying back and forth. You questioned what he was doing, but also, admired him. As the audience moved to the beats, the entire band did as well. You could feel a collective wave of bliss radiating from everyone in the room. And before we knew it our time was up. As the last song of the set was being finished, Maus scurried off the stage, never to be seen again. A sneaky goodbye that left most of the audience wondering what to interpret, but, it remained obvious that the show had ended once the lights to the venue came back on.

Of course the crowd wanted more, and perhaps that’s why Maus exited the scene the way he did. Or else everyone would’ve kept asking for an encore. Suffice to say, the night was filled with copious amounts of dancing, sweat, rowdiness, and delicious, cold beer.

And we wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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