Words // Erin Devany – Photos// Ellie Alonzo & Erin Devany

Acid Koolaid Fest may sound like it caters to a specific genre of music, but this festival has proven over and over again its ability to include a wide variety of artists, some even hailing from different states. This year, the festival spread its wings and took over three different venues in Denton: Dan’s Silverleaf, Backyard on Bell, and Andy’s. Each venue is very unique to the Denton music scene, and Acid Koolaid helped introduce sounds that the venues haven’t experienced yet.

Thursday kicked off at Backyard on Bell, supporting heavy bands that each brought a unique and challenging sound to the fest’s first day.

Friday seemed like it would put a damper on everything, with heavy storms hitting the town, nearly destroying all sorts of equipment as well as the beautiful art installations by Denton’s new collective, Rotsnaze. With the help of all of the incredible people working the festival, everything was spared and the event continued on once the skies cleared and a rainbow christened the horizon. Dan’s and Andy’s both ended the night on Friday, bringing together acts of all sorts and providing a little something for everyone.

Saturday was an eclectic collection of artists that spanned out to the three venues, with music gracing every corner of Denton. Bands from Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, and even different states lined the stages and filled the days with creativity that resonated with the crowds to quite a degree.

The energy flowed beautifully throughout the day, and continued on into Sunday as the festival came to a close.

Even with the music being over, and the art deconstructed, it’s easy to reminisce over such a collective mind that the community was able to experience this last weekend.

Here’s to hoping for another year, Acid Koolaid – much love.

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