Photos – Garrett Smith // Words – Alcynna Lloyd

Close your eyes. Now imagine you are in a dark room, the sound of cello easing you into a state of pure relaxation. Then without warning a beautiful voice joins the strumming. It is soft and heavy at the same time. Your eyes are still closed, right? Good. Now, this voice is rocking you back and forth, like you’re sitting comfortably in a rocking chair. And that’s probably exactly how you would have felt had you been along side us, listening to the night’s opener, Kelsey Lu.  She’s a talent that is both unique to the eyes and ears.

Lu, a classically trained cellist, knows how to throw down on the guitar as much as she does her cello.  When she opened for King Krule‘s Dallas set at Granada Theatre, the crowd was hypnotized. Lu admitted the she did not have a set list. Her song choices came to her when she was ready to perform them – something that is usually unheard of in live music.

At one point, it seemed as if almost all the eyes at Granada were closed. Lu had the power to transport you to somewhere else, somewhere deep in in the music. What else can you ask for from a performer? Everyone wants to feel like their apart of the music, even if they are just listening.

Kelsey Lu gave you just that.

King Krule‘s set did not rock you back in forth, but it rocked you in different ways. Let’s say up and down.  If you were in the audience and did not find yourself screaming at the stage at least once, we would be surprised. He expresses a genuine form of rawness in his music that reminds you of great poets. You can see it all over his face. How he holds the microphone; how he strums his guitar. For King Krule, every performance feels like the first time.

There were so many parts of the show when you could feel his emotions. His songs about heartbreak, complacency, and rejection are all so relatable. Perhaps that is why it felt as if everyone in the crowd was experiencing them with him – because we all had, at one point or another, found ourselves in similar moments, wanting nothing more than to shout or croon about it.

The energy in the room was almost electrifying

Popular songs like “Easy Easy”, “Border Line”, and “Baby Blue” were crowd favorites.  He does an excellent job of building up the crowd and letting them lose just in time to scream along with him.


After finishing the entire set, the audience did not want to let him go. Shouts of, “KING KRULE” brought the King back out for an encore performance. He gave it all, even throwing his guitar on stage before exiting. This show was truly a rock show in every sense of the word.

Archie – you’re the real deal.

Missed him this time? Make sure you don’t next time he comes around. Keep up with Archie’s up to at King Krule’s site here.

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