London fashion creatives tell us what they do
in their own handwriting.

Photographer Kamila K Stanley  /  Photographer’s Assistant Maxime Imbert

Stylist Hannah Grunden  /  Stylist’s Assistant Palesa Dlamini

Hair Chloe Alice Frieda  /  Makeup Robyn Fitzsimons

1- Kamila K Stanley - Phiney Pet

(Phiney’s look) Custom jacket Phiney Pet,dress Kitty Joseph

2- Kamila K Stanley - Elly Beckford

(Elly’s look) Custom shirt Elly Beckford, top & trousers Pitchouguina

3- Kamila K Stanley - Ibiye Camp

(Ibiye’s look) Custom overalls & earringsIbiye Camp, mesh top Nicce

4- Kamila K Stanley - Hannah Grunden

(Hannah’s look) Custom dress Hannah Grunden

5- Kamila K Stanley - Holly Reza Westwood

(Holly’s look) Custom bag Holly Westwood, fur stole Bombe Surprise, mesh top Nicce, skirt Miss Sixty

6- Kamila K Stanley - Amy Exton

(Amy’s look) Custom choker Amy Exton, top Supply & Demand, jeans UNIF

7- Kamila K Stanley - Meg Nixon

(Meg’s look) Custom bra & knit harness Meg Nixon, headband The Season, trousers Pitchouguina

8-Kamila K Stanley - Penny Mills

(Penny’s look) Custom bunny head and skirt Penny Mills / top Been Trill

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