Austere: Why do you make art? 

EL: It’s my legacy. I won’t be having any children, so that’s what I’ll leave behind.

“Bong for Kids”

A: What do you think of your work?

EL: It could be better. I have 800 collages so far [and] I like maybe 40 of them.

“Rocky Start”



A: What’s your favorite piece or series you’ve ever done (if any)?

EL: Three Minutes to Nirvana is my deepest work so far. [Read more about the series here].

Rules & Regulations” (From Three Minutes to Nirvana)


A: Who/what are you inspired by?

EL: Surrealism masters of old, and from the new ones, Cur3es and David Delruelle.

“A Couple of Sailors


A: What (if anything) do you want your art to accomplish?

EL: Make people think a bit.


A: What would you choose for your last meal?

EL: A whole lamb roasted on the spit, on top of fire (traditional Easter meal in Greece), filled with lots of mint. The ribs are to die for. And I probably would, since that would be my last meal.

Tourist Attraction

A: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

EL: I need to sleep more…

“Heart on the Rocks

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