When you first see one of Mariam’s photos it’s quite the experience, with soft hues and even softer models, the photos appear delicate, every image aching to tell the story of the woman she chose as her model. Using film as her medium, Mariam evokes a sense of cinematic nostalgia and age with the beauty she creates in the still scenes of her photos. I had the pleasure of speaking with her on her photographs and inspirations.


S: Tell me a bit about yourself and where you grew up.

M: I’m 25 year old photographer, based in Tbilisi Georgia, where I grew up.


S: When did you first become interested in photography?

M: I’m a big fan of classical movies and that inspired me to shoot something and I’ve decided to start with photography.


S: What do you think the word ‘artist’ means today?

M: Anyone who can create any kind or form of art, that is special, individual and hard to copy and express personality is an artist.


S: Tell us about the stories or messages you want to relay with your photographs?

M: …No special story, I just want to show how I see the beauty of nature and women with their emotions and personality.


S: Your work shows women in a rather raw and honest way. What can participants in your series expect from your future work?

M: It’s up to my inspiration and mood.

S: I love your use of vast open landscapes and the romantic feel rooms take on when you shoot in them. What attracts you to shooting in these environments?

M: I always plan the location in advance, but anything can happen during the photo shoot. I may change the whole environment and composition there. Everything starts.. when I look through the viewfinder.

S: What is the most interesting place you have been able to travel to?

M: I haven’t traveled a lot, but Georgia is one of the greatest places to capture nature and landscapes.

S: Do you think being a girl affects your style of photography? Should it?

M: Yes, it affects a lot.

S: What draws you to photographing women?

M: The beauty, tender, mood, sensitivity, and delicacy


S: Where does the line lie between reclaiming the female body and conforming to society’s objectification of it?

M: It’s hard to tell and it’s unique for all. Everything depends on culture and mentality of the society

S: If you could own any piece of artwork what would it be?

M: There are a lot. But one of them is The Tub by Edgar Degas

S: That’s a beautiful painting, great choice.

S: If you had to live without any important body part what would it be and why?!

M: Tongue. Because, I don’t like to talk too much.

Mariam is currently residing in Georgia where she manages to continuously capture beauty in her surroundings, check out more of her photography here and here.

 Interview by Sabine Fletcher
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