This fun-filled, summer holiday, whimsical collection at London Fashion Week made you forget the impending winter. Ashley Isham transported us to a beach filled with flowing fabrics, bright print, and block colours.

Block coloured dresses made an appearance in Isham’s collection, with giant pinwheel headpieces that added a layer of fun and playfulness. It was what your summer should be full of.

Pinwheels were a recurring theme on the accessories, animating the collection as they span ferociously whilst the models glided down the catwalk. Each person in the audience also received a colourful pinwheel on their seats. Layers of print and lace carefully placed on top of each other in thin fabrics, kept the clothing light, and fabric wraps over one shoulder gave the “going to the beach” notion.

This collection reminds you of how much you should enjoy summer with friends and family from day to night. Including also menswear in this collection with swim shorts and some amazing white and navy playsuits, this really was a collection that everyone could relate to and love.

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