Dallas singer songwriter Bianca Rodriguez, better known as BeMyFiasco talks with us about the ideas within her latest release, “Layers,” the process of putting it together, and some of her favorite new songs.


Can you give me a little intro to “Layers”?

Layers is honesty just a trip through my mind. Each song calls upon an emotion. All truth. The first track is called “The Idea of Love.” It’s all instrumental. Sir Tim is just playing these beautiful notes. It almost feels very somber and bittersweet but the tension eases and my mind relaxes & decides to proceed. It was almost a foreshadowing. I was doomed from the beginning.

What are some of the themes of the project?

There’s love, anxiety, sex, regret, angst, happiness, madness & hope.

What about it is special and exciting to you?

This project is special to me for a few reasons. It’s my full release in 3 years. It feels like my re-introduction to Dallas. Not just as an artist but a writer as well. We worked so hard to get this finished so to see it all come together is crazy. It’s also the first time I worked solely with one producer, which I think when you listen you’ll understand why.

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I just listened to “Work on You” 7 times (it’s so good), why is that song important to you?

Hahaha, thank you! I’m glad you like it. “Work on You” is what really lit the fire to finish the rest of the tape. We (Sir Tim & I) finally felt like we knew what we wanted to make and its been magic ever since. Work on You represents the sensual side of me. The willingness to submit but also take control. The power struggle if you will.

What was the process of making “Layers” like ? How long did it take, who did you work with?

Layers is almost 3 years in the making. It’s short yes, but we packed so much into it. I worked exclusively with Sir Tim on this one because of our chemistry. Like there’s no way this gets done without him. It’s honest, like all of my music.

How would you describe this sound? How is it different from your previous work?

We’re all about the groove. It’s funky. It’s sultry. It’s sweet. We’re still crafting it honestly. And it differs from my previous work because it all flows. We use a lot of the same elements. Before, it felt a lot more neb-soul. This one to me feels more R&B/Soul.

Do you have a favorite song on the project? Why is it important to you?

“Lovers Gold” is definitely my favorite. It wrote itself. Like the words just flowed & I had all of these stored emotions. It’s about being in love with someone you can’t have. Like meeting your soulmate but both of you are in a situation and there’s no resolve. It starts to eat at you but eventually you learn or better yet try to deal until the universe tells you otherwise.

What do you hope people will take away from this project?

I want people (especially my generation) to listen to the project & know that its okay to feel. Like genuinely acknowledge your emotions. I got into something that took me through a range of emotions. Though self-inflicted, I learned more about what I wanted. Who I was & what I really deserved.

I love your lyrics so much, what is your writing/creative process like?

Well, working with Tim we usually start with some really cool chords then I let him go to work. I may chime in here & there but I let him finish his full thought first. He sends me home with a simple loop; I go home & craft a verse or just lay some cool shit and then we link up like Voltron & hash it out together. It’s such a cool process.

Is there anything you wish people knew more about you or your music?

Just as someone who’s consistently providing opportunities for themselves and those around them. I just want to explore as many avenues as I possibly can. In a creative community I look for the movers and shakers. Those with the fresh, new ideas.


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