Austere was fortunate enough to catch a near seizure-inducing-live performance at the House of Blues this past Monday by Austin, Texas’ very own psych-rock wizards, The Black Angels, currently on tour in support of their latest 2017 release, Death Song. Never have we ever seen such a visually captivating live show.

The band played from a wide selection of their extensive catalogue, while intermittently throwing in the occasional track off of their latest record. With stellar performances of “Entrance Song”, “Bad Vibrations”, and “Comanche Moon”, the group was clearly eager to please as they filled the House with their expansive fuzzed out sounds.

As our heads swelled with the ecstasy of the vibrant visuals and thunderous live sounds, The Black Angels closed out the evening with a sensational encore performance of “Young Men Dead”. Needless to say if you’re ever looking to have an Acid Flashback without the use of illegal narcotics, go see this band live!



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