When we met with Brandy Michele Adams for an interview, we were overwhelmed, but excited. Everything about her is loud: her spirit, her voice, her feminism, her wardrobe. One of the reigning art mama’s of the Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas, Adams nurtures many young artists growing into their styles.

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Photographer Aubry Roach.

Her gallery, WAAS, which stands for “We Are All Stars,” has been a Dallas art staple for four years. 2016 is going to be big for Adams. This January her gallery is rebranding to become LEVEL GALLERY and will include a fresh social and politically engaged program. This change will be debuted with “The Oil and Gas Show” by Adams’ new curating partner, Emma Saperstein, on January 28th. Meanwhile, WAAS will be relocating to Los Angeles, where Adams once lived and still frequently visits.

After a one-hour interview with Adams in which we learned about her immense passion for her work, experiences with abuse, and her journey as a single mom, we realized no one can really tell her story like she can. So instead of writing her story, we are letting her take control of this one.

Here’s what Adams had to say.    

On what she’s doing now:

I am in the best place of my life, but also the busiest. Not a bad thing, but I’m juggling caring for an eight-year-old who is my priority. He was diagnosed with dyslexia this year as well. His new private school keeps me in the car for at least two hours of my day.

On who she is, how she got here and what having an ego means to her:

My conditions and identity don’t enable me, but help me find my truth to why I am really here.

In my 20’s while in LA I picked up a book that would forever change my life: Seven Spiritual Laws to Success by Deepak Chopra. It had so many answers I had been searching for and needed to hear. I breathed in and received new truth. That was in the early 2000s when I saw egos as more of a deviant mask to manipulate people. Now my take on ego is a little different at 38. Ego is something I value in absorbing new levels of consciousness, creating new vibrations and conversations with all earth’s creatures.

In my mind I am already a celebrity, so ego helps me build, integrate, and develop in multiple systems and programs which is much like life is. My ego is designed to break down the old programming and instill the new world design of art connecting new levels of consciousness.


On what WAAS and Dallas mean to her:

WAAS is a way of life for me. It is less about my ego and much more about surviving a city I see needs change, education and fresh perspective.

On overcoming her past:

My past self loved, fed, and yearned for the dark to fuel my heart’s desire. Then years ago through sobriety, having my son Oliver, and accepting my childhood visions as truth, I tasted and felt a light like no other.

I know there is more and in time we will get there. I have accomplished great success embracing my ego. If I didn’t believe in myself, then who would?

The Oil and Gas Show will be on view Thursday, Jan. 28 through Sunday, Feb. 28 at the newly revamped LEVEL GALLERY located at 2722 Logan Street.

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