UK Artist, Elyssa Rider, depicts illustrations for a greater good.

“Firstly I create because it gives me joy. Secondly, because it is a release for me. It channels my emotions into productivity and expresses difficult-to-articulate feelings. Thirdly because I use it as a tool for instigating social and cultural change.”

“The purpose of this illustration is to visually show an example of what consent through body language can look like. People often talk about consent being about a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. But actually, in many real-life relationships consent doesn’t get expressed in such a binary way. Additionally, hearing a ‘yes’ without body language to match it still isn’t a green light. I also wanted to challenge the heteronormative dialogue which surrounds sex education and show that consent is just as vital, relevant and wonderful in LGBTQ relationships. The second illustration shows an example of what non-consent might sound like. I really wanted to challenge the idea that boys and men always want sex and that there is something wrong with them if they don’t. This is such a falsity and I believe it is important to oppose stereotypes like this that are really damaging.”

“I hope that everyone who sees this image takes the time to reflect on what consent looks like, feels like, sounds like. Subjecting another person to sexual conduct without consent is extremely serious, and contrary to what mainstream media often depicts, it is something which “normal looking” people do. The only people who can stop sexual assault and rape from happening are rapists and those who sexually assault. So let’s get educated and informed so that we make sure we don’t hurt others!”

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