Late in the depths of the night

The swans gather in the pool

Together, fighting fear and fright

The touch of the winds are cool

Every evening comes a Dark

He steals a swan each new day

The morning leaves a bloody mark

Yet still the swans must stay


Bound forever to this cursed land

Where they witnessed daily death

Dark came and stretched his hand

To kiss the light from baby’s breath


Forever fearful yet still brave

They wait for Dark to die

Until then they remain a slave

While their angels fly high


Together they remain alone

Apart from the truth of love

Dark will sit for years on his throne

Until light smites him from above


Photographer Sabine Fletcher, Austere
Stylist Arin Desai, Austere
HMUA Jacqueline Creech, Austere
Model Rachel Wagoner, Austere
Poem White Widows, Zeina Samy

See the full editorial in Austere REM, available for purchase here.

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