Meet Elise Miguel; a photographer who sought a journey of discovery and vulnerability in a 9 day bus tour around Ireland.

This is what she sent us.

“I don’t know anything other than being extremely busy all of the time. Over the years, I have mastered the art of balancing school, making art, and work but have given myself very little time to relax. This past summer, I vacationed to Ireland and was able to take some time to experience and appreciate new sights and things in my own busy/relaxed way.

I suffer from extreme motion sickness/claustrophobia, which was induced almost immediately once my trip began because it was a nine-day bus tour around the entire country of Ireland. It was very uncomfortable and almost embarrassing the amount of times I had to ask the bus driver to stop so I could puke outside the vehicle and have nearly 40 foreign strangers who I was traveling with have to wait for me to try and calm my upset stomach.

On the second day of the trip, the bus driver offered me the special front seat up next to the drivers seat where there was much more space and breathing room. I was extremely gracious because he not only saved me from a week of torment, but he gave me the best seat in the house and I was able to take in all of Ireland and its beauty from the front of the bus.”

All photos were shot with Elise’s Olympus Stylus film camera.




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