We’re here to talk to a young man with a view – a Dallas-based photographer named Draven, who’s here to tell us all about Draven’s View. Here’s the scoop.

What was the initial spark that drove you to make the style of art that you currently are immersed in?

D: The initial spark would have to be attributed to Kanye and his 808s and Heartbreak album. I love the imagery he used and the overall message. From that along with experiencing heartbreak myself, made the idea of being heartbroken and sometimes even the heart-breaker cool.


Is there a guiding philosophy behind what you do? A school of thought or set of principles that you identify yourself/your art with?

D: My guiding philosophy would be going off what I feel. Letting that guide me even when capturing images or captioning them.

What’s the sort of dialogue you’d like your work to start?

D: I would like my work to make people ask “how did you do that?” or something like, “man, that’s deep”.

If you could compare your method of getting inspired to an everyday profession, what would it be?

D: The way I get inspired is by surrounding myself with other creative people. Typically the ones going in the same direction as me.

What should creatives be doing to deal with the injustice in this country? What do you feel is your place in politics or activism, if any?

D: As a creative, I feel we have the power to influence people and really voice our opinions. I don’t see why our voice or message shouldn’t be herd.

To shake it up a little bit – if you could, describe how to make the cocktail that would sum you up as an artist or creative individual.

D: A cocktail that sums me up as a creator would be a mix of 808s and heartbreak, the Weeknd, prisms, a sprinkle of photographers like Brandon Woelfel, Blee Blu, Ohrangutang, and Cali vibes.

What’s the sensation – flavor, smell, sound – that you most associate with your style of art/expression?

D: The sound I would associate with my art with would have to be The Weeknd. The vibe of his first 3 mixtapes encompasses my work.

If you were in a reality TV show style confession booth – what’s the sort of thing you’d say?

D: If I were in a confession booth on a reality TV show I would say “love ain’t always easy.”

What’s your least/most favorite zodiac sign to deal with – or, if that’s not your thing, personality type?

D: My least favorite personality type would have to be the over the top and overly dramatic people. The ones that have a remark for everything.

How do you take your coffee or tea?

D: I take my coffee black. I don’t drink it for taste.

Well, we certainly drank up this sweet interview for the taste – and if you’re thirsting for more insight into Draven’s View, check out his Instagram here. You won’t be disappointed.

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