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With this editorial, I wanted to highlight the power of women.

They can be sexy, glamorous. They can play with the codes, with their clothes or their bodies. Simply because they embrace their empowered femininity. I think that as an artist we have to empower women because the provocation leads on second thought.

I am deeply sure that art can move mountains because it is the only weapon still capable of making us free.

PhotographerFrederic Monceau
Art Direction – Mathilde Fouquet
Stylist – Thomas Nguyen
Assistant Stylist – Anatole Szombathy
Make Up – Delphine Nicole
Assistant Make Up – Florence
Hair – Virginie Pineda
Assistant – Dylan Guillard
Place – El Gelato Paris 06

Credits for Clothes :
Stefanie Renoma, Romain Brau, Greedilous, Patuna, Rossela Jardini, Mashizan, Reeo Cesar Paciotti, Id Sarrieri, Didit Hediprasetyo, Marc Rieser, And I, Ines Olympe Mercadal, Harry Halim, Joffrey Mongin




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