WORDS: Alcynna Lloyd // PHOTOS: Ellie Alonzo

It was finally that time! The time to make a psychedelic pilgrimage to see one of rock’s most notable bands, MGMT. They have always been an escape from normalcy that so many of us need. Songs like “Electric Feel”  “Weekend Wars” and “Time to Pretend” have ushered us on journeys of self discovery and awareness. Seeing them perform live is something you owe yourself.

Kicking off the show, was Cola Boyy. This California native brought the sounds of the West with him, making the audience groove to the electric melodies and funky synths. Cola Boyy has the ability to make you recall so many of those nights spent in dark rooms with sweat dripping down your face; hips swinging in every direction; heads  bopping up every five minutes for air.

Perhaps the best part of his performance was when he read the audience a poem about living in the moment and loving each other. The political and social climate in America is in such chaos that a poem about love is exactly what we all need. If Cola Boyy’s music does not win you over, surely his poetic vulnerability will.

MGMT‘s, performance was everything a fan could hope for. When they played their older music, it was truly a blast of nostalgia. A feeling of euphoria took over the crowd. There are a few more exciting things than hearing hundreds of people screaming “FATED TO PRETEND.”

Although they did have a large amount of music from the early 2000’s there was a significant amount of new songs too! Little Dark Age’s, sound can be described best as dark dance music. it will make your feet move, but it will also make you think about that person who broke your heart.

All in all, this show was everything a fan could have wished for! If you did not get a chance to see them come through Dallas this time, make sure sometime in your life you make your way to one of their shows.

It’s an experience that will stick with you.

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