Meet artist Noah Jackson


Austere //

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Noah Jackson //

I am 19 years old and currently live and work in Provo, Utah. I have two dogs and spend most of my money on fast food / art making. Right now I am pursuing my BFA at Brigham Young University.




Why do you make art?


I hardly ever feel like I am wasting time when I make art. I also think that really good art takes on an energy of its own that functions beyond the artist’s ability. I suppose I want to make art that people can grow and have a relationship with.




Who/what are you inspired by?


Big piles of gravel, Kanye West, glitter, rural America, open spaces, Daisuke Yokota, craft stores, the desert, Philip Guston, trout, westerns, Andrey Bogush, Prince, Cabelas.


“Days Inn”


What (if anything) do you want your art to accomplish?


I want my art to be a revision of my own feelings of strangeness. I want to de-materialize and materialize and de-materialize and materialize until my work feels as weird and lovely as the actual moments I am basing my work off of.





What would you choose for your last meal?


Probably like 10 tacos and a vanilla coke.


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