I’m really interested in the idea of the Gendered Cyborg. A woman named Donna Haraway came up with this theory that because we merge our identity with technology we sort of give up the notion of male and female. So when I create anything – a book, a performance – I’m never trying to perform to be a woman. I’m performing this third idea, this idea of masculinity and femininity combined to create this third space. Bourgeoisie, Model


Photographer: Victor Hensel-Coe

Stylist: Alex Baker

Model: Bourgeoisie

MUA: Michelle Webb using OCC Cosmetics

Hairstylist: Hugo Gamboa using Bedhead by Tigi


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOF48G3i8u0?rel=0&showinfo=0]
Behind the scenes video of ‘Hybridity’ for Austere Magazine by Tsveta Lozanova


Jacket: CutaBitch, Shirt: Sisley, Shorts: Wan Hung Cheung, Shoes: Model’s own


Robe: Alejandro Gomez Palomo, Catsuit: Cut A Bitch, Corset: Sian Hoffman

Drag to me means an escape from this heteronormative world. This world where things are opposed upon you that you don’t necessarily agree with. Where rules are enforced… you are not allowed to do certain things because they violate somebody’s moral compass.


Coat: Jake Gooden, Necklace: Daisy Knights, Shirt: Creep, Corset: Becky Evans, Tights: Model’s own, Shoes: Model’s own


Necklace: Daisy Knights, Crew: Sibling, Ring: Daisy Knights, Waspie: Becky Evans, Trousers: Tiger of Sweden, Shoes: Models own


Drag to me means an escape into my fantasy. A way to bring these sort of phantasmagorical dreams to life. Something that I can live in for the night and throw away when it’s done.


Coat: Jake Gooden, Shirt: Creep, Trousers: Wan Hung Cheung

My drag kinda moves beyond the idea of a gender binary. I’m much more interested in the mixity and hybridity of gender.



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