Valeria Di Guardo is the photographer and founder of TransRoyal, a modeling agency with a unique taste for transgender beauties.

“I am Valeria Di Guardo, a photography graduate from Westminster University in 2013 London. A global trotter, born in Italy, raised in London and working as a product photographer in Hamburg. I love unique things and learning from people.

I’m using transgender models as I feel it’s a hot topic right now and I think it’s important to bring this to the public eye with positive exposure.  Working together Photographer Valeria Di Guardo @valeriadiguardo and Fashion Designer. Filthy Squirrel Clothing is aiming to create a unique concept promoting Transgender Models in the underground fashion industry.”

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“Filthy Squirrel Clothing is a dynamic and diverse fashion brand, that specializes in unique textiles to bring you high-end Streetwear clothing. The label pushes boundaries between styles and textures in each unique piece. We produce garments that are individual with an urban twist.”


Ever since I was young, I had a creative vocation; and an original and singular view on artistic expression. It is a real passion of mine. I consider myself to have quite a unique view of the world in which we live and I feel that this is reflected in my art.”



Filthy Squirrel Clothing
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